It's usually an inside job

Real change comes from within, so I think that’s a great place to start. I look for opportunities inside your organization and find smart ways to use internal communications to support your strategic direction and initiatives.

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Strategy & planning

How can communications be the oil in the machinery of your organization, when change is the rule rather than the exception? I’ll help you formulate where you want to go and show you how to get there. As a liaison between management and staff, I promote dialogue so that we focus on the right things, skip the wrong things, and gather feedback along the way.


Project management

From project brief to finished product, I can lead the way and ensure that it gets done on time at the budgeted cost. Typical projects include the roll-out of strategic initiatives, implementing new channels or revamping old ones (intranet, digital, publications), event planning and content management, surveys, webcasts, and campaigns, just to name a few.


Copywriting & editorial managment

A picture says a thousand words, but the power of a good sentence should never be underestimated. I love writing and I love telling a good story. It should be crisp, concise and on the readers’ terms. As a native English speaker, it’s my favorite language. But half a life in Sweden keeps me linguistically flexible and on my toes – in Swedish, of course.


Interim management

Has your communications expert moved on? Or are you riding a growth curve and it’s time to give your communications a real boost? I take on short- or long-term assignments to help you fill a gap, keep things running, or get things started.


Some of my current and previous assignments


Change starts on the inside

Successful organizations are strong communicators. Both their management and employees understand the strategic direction, how to get there and what is required of them. This sets off a chain reaction, where they feel engaged and committed to their jobs and become advocates to the outside world, helping build the brand in the process.

First, get your stories straight

By doing the internal groundwork in terms of building loyalty and employee involvement (in other words, your people believe in who they work for and what they do), you will have built a solid, honest base for your external communications. This is why I believe in starting here and then keeping it tightly coordinated with other initiatives – from branding and marketing to sustainability and recruitment.

Many tactics and channels can be deployed to promote and secure engagement. Only the best ones should be selected if you want to optimize both your resources and people’s attention span. What’s best for you will depend on the size, structure and culture of your organization. But the one common denominator should be a built-in dialogue that promotes credibility and involvement.

External communications, no matter how strong or clever, will have no effect unless your organization lives, breathes and embodies the brand.

Then, keep it simple

Capturing the hearts and minds of other individuals requires substance, honesty and simplicity. Whether written, live or filmed, keeping a message simple is a lot harder than making it complicated. And in today’s world, corporate English can get distorted very quickly.

The world is full of native English speakers. I’m one of them. But I’ve taken my love of the English language and a knack for writing, combined it with business knowledge and practical communications experience from global companies, to make it part of my personal brand.


In a nutshell

I am a Finland-Swede raised in the US who has lived half a life on each side of the Atlantic. This is an unusual combination, but it has made me culturally sensitive and increased my overall adaptability. After an illustrious career in marketing and communications at international companies in Sweden, I started Inside Job in 2012. My professional strengths fall into three main areas:

  • A holistic approach to your needs based on knowledge of your business – through research, analysis and relationships. In other words, having the big picture helps me do my job well.
  • A stubborn focus on improving communication processes. Channels, cross-functional information flows, vertical dialogue, feedback…there’s always room for improvement.
  • Strong editorial management skills. Content that matches your strategic priorities, in thoughtfully composed and well-written English.